Our campus has been developed to cultivate a relaxing environment for all of our employees. A large covered pavilion area complete with lounge furniture, a built-in sound system, white boards, BBQs, and picturesque views of the canyon is a focal point of our campus. It is used for meetings, eating lunch, relaxing during breaks, and for company events. A long walking path wraps around the campus perimeter, providing access to our garden as well as a place to take a stroll and gather your thoughts. We also have a basketball net which our employees use during breaks and to unwind.


In the fall of 2010 we broke ground on an organic community garden and orchard. The garden has strengthened our work community. People companywide meet and spend time together during breaks, after work and even on the weekends. Growing and harvesting their own fresh fruit and vegetables has become a passion for many SeeScanners, and the garden is an integral part of our company’s culture.

Over 50 employees have raised beds made of composite lumber in a variety of sizes. For some this is their first time gardening and for others their plot at work complements their garden at home. Our shed stands inside the garden area itself and has tools that anyone can use. In addition a two compartment compost tumbler is situated next to our shed. Hoses are located around the perimeter and each bed is piped into the drip irrigation system.

Our orchard currently has over 150 trees and vines. About half of the orchard is deciduous and the other half is tropical or sub-tropical. Each tree or vine has an engraved sign in front of it so people know what it is and when it was planted.  The orchard is scattered along a walking path with benches, drinking fountains, a bridge, redwood trellises and shade structures.  Many employees walk the path during breaks and snack on strawberry or pineapple guavas.


North East Station:

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North Station:

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South Station:

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Located next to the main lunchroom, a dozen Koi fish swim around a rock waterfall and decorative bridge. Employees can sit on the bench during lunch and listen to the soothing sounds of the trickling water.


A walk around our campus trail can often lead to some interesting sightings: from hummingbirds carefully extracting nectar from flowers to butterflies, lizards, and even rabbits making themselves at home.


We proudly host two bird atriums within the building that house dozens of brightly colored cockatiels. In the spring, listen to baby cockatiels chirp or just watch them fly in the zoo-like enclosure.


We embrace our responsibility to do business in a way that protects and improves our environment when and where possible. From the raw materials we source to the high efficiency lighting that illuminates our offices, conference rooms, hallways and walking paths, we try to minimize our carbon footprint at every opportunity.

We are committed to environmental sustainability and strive to work to promote a greener working environment. Composting bins are situated beside our coffee pots to reuse old coffee grounds, providing a nutrient rich supplement for our on-campus garden.

We strive to make it as easy as possible to make recycling and conservation a part of our employees’ daily routine. When a new employee joins the team we provide them with their own, personalized drinking flask to minimize disposable cup usage.