At SeeScan, we can trace our roots back to 1983. Our founder and CEO, Mark Olsson, a graduate student at Scripps Institution of Oceanography, had a problem that needed to be solved:  he needed a water proof power solution for an underwater light. Unfortunately no existing product met his needs. Armed with the conviction that the problem was solvable, Mark conceived, engineered, and built the SeaBattery.

Realizing his entrepreneurial spirit, DeepSea Power & Light was born focused on making lighting and battery power supplies specifically for oceanographic applications. We built our reputation in some of the world’s most punishing environments, from exploring the Marianas Trench, to grueling offshore oil exploration applications and illuminating the Titanic wreckage. One of our core design goals is, and always will be, to build products that work where you do.

In the mid-1990s, we leveraged our experience making mission-critical underwater equipment and created the SeeSnake pipe inspection system. With its unprecedented durability and reliability, SeeSnake diagnostic camera systems took the plumbing industry by storm. We developed our range of diagnostic plumbing and pipe inspection from concept to final design and manufacturing. Partnering with Ridge Tool Company for worldwide distribution starting in 1996, we quickly became the leading manufacturer of lateral pipe inspection equipment, a position we have successfully maintained over the years by continuous product evolution.

Innovation is in our DNA. Our novel approach to sonde locating yielded the NaviTrack and SeekTech brand locators as companions to our SeeSnake pipe inspection equipment. Our patented antenna design gave us the edge we needed to change sonde locating forever and laid the groundwork for our entry into the utility locating industry.

By the early 2000s, we separated into two unique, focused entities: DeepSea Power & Light maintained its focus on the oceanographic product development, and SeekTech was born to focus on developing utility locating and pipe inspection technologies.

In 2013 we renamed the company to SeeScan, earmarking a new chapter in our pursuit of breaking new ground in the utility locating world, with our significant mechanical, electrical and software engineering experience. We continue to engineer and manufacture SeeSnake, NaviTrack and SeekTech products on our campus at our corporate headquarters in San Diego, California. Our research and development team continues to push the boundaries of available technology in the utility location and plumbing diagnostic industries, producing tomorrow’s products today.

img004The original garage where SeeScan began.