SeeScan has been pushing the limits of innovation for 35+ years. Learn more below about some of the most important milestones in our journey so far!

Our Roots

Our founder and CEO, Mark Olsson, a graduate student at Scripps Institution of Oceanography, needed a waterproof power solution for an underwater light.
Mark solved the problem in his home garage, building the SeaBattery. Realizing his entrepreneurial spirit, DeepSea Power & Light was born, with a focus on making lighting and battery power supplies for oceanographic applications.

SeeSnake Pipe Inspection

In the mid-1990s, we leveraged our experience making purpose-built equipment and created the SeeSnake pipe inspection system. We developed our range of plumbing diagnostic equipment from concept to final design and manufacturing.
SeeSnake line up

Ridge Partnership + Global Reach

In 1996, we partnered with Ridge Tool Company and gained worldwide distribution, selling our products under the RIDGID brand. Thanks to the success of this partnership, we quickly became the leading manufacturer of lateral pipe inspection equipment, a position we have maintained over the years with continuous product evolution and the strength of the RIDGID name.

Diving into the Utility Locating Industry

In the early 2000s, we developed the NaviTrack and SeekTech brand utility locators as companions to our SeeSnake pipe inspection equipment. We began operating as two unique, focused entities: DeepSea Power & Light worked on oceanographic equipment, while SeekTech, Inc. was created to focus on utility locating and pipe inspection technologies.
SeekTech in use

Product Lines

The release of new products over the next decade proved our product development capabilities. We greatly expanded our line of SeeSnake camera reels and our SeekTech line to exceed our customer’s needs.
SeekTech & SeeSnake product lines

Evolving into SeeScan

Reflecting our commitment to break new ground in underground technologies, we renamed the company to SeeScan.
SeeScan building entrance

Mobile Technology + WiFi Integration

In 2016, we introduced our SeeSnake CSx series line of Wi-Fi enabled reporting monitors. With our new focus on mobile development, we created the HQx Live app, allowing users to stream an inspection in real-time to a tablet or smartphone.
HQx Live app in use

TruSense Cameras

Our latest SeeSnake camera reels with TruSense technology bring powerful data capability to plumbing diagnostics. These are the first lateral push cameras that can detect the pitch of the camera as it lays in the pipe. Multiple on-camera sensors, including high-dynamic range (HDR), provide superior imaging quality and vital information about the in-pipe environment.
TruSense camera reels

SeeScan Today

Today, SeeScan has over 300 employees and continues to engineer and manufacture our best-in-class equipment at our campus in San Diego, California. As we look to the future, we are determined to drive the industry and our technical capabilities forward to make a better, safer world.
TruSense team

Geo Locating

We aim to take utility locating beyond the paint markings above ground. With Geo Locating, we are developing the technology that shows us what we were unable to see before.

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Geo Locating